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Senior Care Center
A Spirit of Caring on a Foundation of Hope!
Homer Memorial Hospital's Senior Care Center is located at Haynesville, Louisiana.
Treatment Philosophy
The Senior Care Center was developed to assist older adults and their families to understand and learn to cope with problems that sometimes result from the aging process.
The goal of this program is to maintain and enhance the patientís self-respect and dignity during every phase of treatment. The staff places emphasis on restoring the patientís optimal level of functioning and improvement in the quality of life of the individual.

Clinicial Program Features
Comprehensive Medical Evaluation Multidisciplinary Assessment & Diagnosis Individualized Treatment Plan Individual Therapy Group Therapy Family Therapy Strong Focus on Family Participation and Education Coping and Life Skills Training Activity Therapy Groups Therapeutic Exercise/Stress Reduction Art and Expressive Therapy Nutritional Assessment Psychopharmacotherapy Discharge planning and Continuity of Care Referral to Community Resources & Agencies.

Family Involvement
At Homer Memorial Hospital, we place great value on family involvement in the treatment process. We urge family members to participate as much as possible in the family program we provide. Participation in community support groups is also encouraged.

Throughout the course of treatment, the patientís case manager will maintain contact with the family and will provide or arrange for family therapy as needed. The patientís recovery is enhanced when the family participates in the treatment process.

For whom is the program designed?
The Program was designed for older individuals with mental, emotional or behavioral disturbances without any restrictions concerning sex, religion, race or residency.
There are definite signs which indicate a mental, emotional, or behavioral problem. If you know of someone who is experiencing any of the following symptoms, call The Senior Care Center for a free confidential assessment. Depression, extreme sadness Marked personality changes over time Numerous, unexplained physical ailments; changes in eating and sleeping patterns. Confused thinking; difficulty in concentration Excessive fears, anxieties or suspiciousness Withdrawal from family friends and others Hallucinations, hearing voices Abuse of alcohol or medications Growing inability to cope with daily living

After Care
Inpatient care is only a part of the entire treatment regimen. In preparation for entry into the aftercare phase of treatment., the referral source is encouraged to take an active role in discharge planning.

Financial Information
Geropsychiatric services are covered by most health insurance plans, including Medicare, CHAMPUS, Blue Cross and other commercial carriers. We would be glad to discuss this with you to assist you with your particular insurance plan.

Our Facility
Homer Memorial Hospital offers a warm, cheerful atmosphere for patients involved in our Senior Care Program. The unit is architecturally designed to create a comfortable and safe surrounding for patients.
Our Address 
Senior Care Center
9540 Hwy 79
Haynesville, Louisiana 71038

For More Information
Please contact our staff at: (318) 624-3665/ Fax (318) 624-3323


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